The Dull Knitter

Dear Emma,

Your post shook up the space-time continuum.  Next thing I know you’ll be knitting for charity.   (Charity, of course, in this circumstance being a dirty word).   If I come over Wednesday night to find you knitting outfits for penguins affected by oil spills, I’m going to check your forehead for a fever.

The irony of starting a knitting blog when one has been uninspired to knit for the past two months does not escape me.  I’ve been in a funk with my projects – the Flicca sleeve is stalled due to a potentially fatal ribbing error (I’m sure you didn’t think those existed) and I cried when Stephanie frogged hers (that was made with the same yarn, those delicious photographs are what inspired me to make mine), my blue Merlin dress from a recent issue of Vogue Knitting sits 80% done but I have no inspiration to finish it, and the only thing I’ve knit in the past two weeks is a dishcloth.  My yarn is boxed up in a Rubbermaid tote in what was supposed to be my beautiful studio in our new house – but presently sits as a messy room stuffed with my sewing machine, yarn, and fabrics in a big heaping mess.  I mostly keep the door closed.
Maybe I’m suffering from Knitting Depression.  I’ve been seeking the sewing machine out more these days – looking for instant gratification of piecing a quilt top, or even starting my very first dress.  That one probably deserves a post of its own.  The zipper remains my nemesis, however.

These days, the knitted item I’m wearing the most is a ubiquitous Swallowtail, knit in the most beautiful shade of brown I’ve ever seen – 100% baby alpaca from this vendor with the richness and depth of chestnut.  I was attracted to a seemingly dull color for such a beautiful pattern.  It is tiny – hardly a shawl – more like a neck kerchief.  Because it is alpaca, it didn’t hold the block well and has softened with only a few wearings to a scrunchable shape.  I wear it as I’ve shown below, tied around my neck, something I learned from a beautiful blonde knitter friend of mine who also happens to be a co-blogger.  She’s one of the most stylish people I know.


I promise more knitting related content later,



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