On Babies

Dear Emma,

For all the talk of bare essentials in the kitchen, I have to admit a pastry cutter is always on my list now.  It isn’t worth making a pie without one, and a pie is essential.

There is too much to say!  First of all, there is this:

23 weeks pregnant - taken, yikes, a month ago.

23 weeks pregnant - taken, yikes, a month ago.

The fact that I’m five six months pregnant makes my head spin (man I started this blog post a long time ago).  The weeks fly by and I’ve already lost one week of the third trimester without even realizing it was here.  I am excited (and I admit, nervous) to see this little one’s face in less than 12 weeks.  When you’re first pregnant, there is a feeling you’ll be pregnant forever, because who really thinks about labor?  Now, it is rapidly approaching, and life as we know it will soon be over.  We can’t wait.

The pressure of baby knitting FOR MY OWN BABY is mounting and I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t started it yet.  I have other babies to knit for, so many babies.  Breeding season has been in full force this past year and I think I counted twenty some people that I know who have given birth or are pregnant in the last six months.  Babies born months ago haven’t received their handknits so enthusiastically promised but then still mysteriously MIA.  But I have done a bit of baby knitting, for some very special babies.

First of all, there is this cutie.

choosy babies choose chocolate brown

choosy babies choose chocolate brown

Miriam is wearing the baby beanie from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  Chocolate brown is a highly acceptable baby color for boys and girls, especially new hip moms who don’t like pink (as my sister is).  She gets lots of grief for that.  But everyone loves this hat.  I don’t think I’ve made a handknit gift that has been so appreciated, so often used, and so commented on.  Miriam wears it wore it nearly every day (until she outgrew it).  It’s that i-cord bow that kills me.  She deserves some new handknits for fall, but her cousin is occupying Aunt Martha’s mind and body right now.

In other gender neutral knits, Adalyn joined the niece brigade in July.  I’m collecting nieces already!  Two in less than two months.  Her nursery was sage green but I think variegated purple, yellow, and green Koigu adds a nice punch, don’t you?  The phrase variegated usually sends shivers up and down my spine – you can tell from my Ravelry project page (Ravelers only) that I’m a pretty solid color kinda gal.  It was a reaction to that awful variegated yarn from my childhood that we inherited from my Gramma G. in bulk and has lived in our attic for years.  They should invent a new word for whatever Koigu is, because variegated doesn’t do it justice.

exhibit A: why redheads should wear green

exhibit A: why redheads should wear green

baby skin likes soft Koigu, methinks

baby skin likes soft Koigu, methinks

This Big Bad Baby blanket from Stitch and Bitch Knitting is, in one word, amazing.  Koigu’s superwash properties (although I don’t think they advertise their yarn as superwash) make it easy care for non-knitters and new moms and the merino is so soft people don’t believe it is wool.  It has a beautiful lightness and spring to it.  When I picked it up off the blocking board (or in this case, the guest bedroom’s queen bed) I wanted to throw it up in the air and catch it again.  The double stranded Koigu makes it look like a watercolor painting as the colors merge and pool and play together.


I haven’t asked her yet, but I hear Adalyn loves it have seen the blanket in action and Adalyn’s parents are big fans.  She’s still a little young to really absorb its beauty.  If she really hates it, her Uncle BD wants to steal it back.  He kept suggesting we keep it.

BD and I figured that babies aren’t hard enough and bought a puppy last weekend a month ago!  We’re crazy, we know, but the puppy was planned (the baby wasn’t).  We feel like parents already.  It is fun to have a puppy to spoil and cuddle and treat like our baby for a few months before the human baby comes.  He’s made me more like a parent already – waking up for midnight potty breaks and early morning walks, plus we eat out less and plan our day’s activities around our dog now.  BD says walking around with him is the biggest chick magnet you can imagine.  It’s like taking a supermodel to Home Depot – he is gushed over and admired everywhere we go.  In his short life he’s been through nine US states and five Canadian provinces, road tripping with his free-as-a-bird-I-just-finished-my-master’s Dad.

puppy, meet baby.

puppy, meet baby.

He doesn’t get any handknits, though.  Bradley has firmly stated that handknit sweaters for dogs are tacky.  For now, he’s content in his role as the cutest thing in the house.

So, what’s new with you? I’m going to try and do better than three months from now for another update.



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  1. judy replied:

    Congratulations! That’s so awesome. Lovely baby knits, too! Oh, and very cute dog!

  2. Michelle replied:

    Congratulations! Your over into the “easy” trimester now – this is the fun part!

  3. Esther Garvi replied:

    Hi Martha! Congratulations on being a parent soon! I know what you mean by the starting off with a puppy thing! We had that with Sheba all of last year and now with her puppies too… Yours is beautiful! Looking forward to reading more, your blog (and Emma’s!) is really interesting!

    Warm greetings from Africa!

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